La nueva impresora de planos y gran formato ROWE ecoPrint. La última tecnología para la impresión productiva de gran formato especialmente planos.

Experimente una nueva era en funcionalidad digital con la impresora ROWE ecoPrint A0 orientada al futuro. Anteriormente inimaginable, a medida que cambian los procesos de su negocio, la modularidad completa de ROWE ecoPrint permite una adaptación completa para cumplir con los requisitos de su negocio, en cualquier momento. Otro desarrollo innovador de ROWE: el nuevo ROWE APP CENTER. Extienda su software en cualquier momento. Todas las aplicaciones están perfectamente ajustadas entre sí para optimizar su flujo de trabajo.

Único: la INTERFAZ DE USUARIO ROWE FULL HD con una pantalla táctil multifuncional de 23 "o 24". Nunca antes había trabajado de manera tan intuitiva y sin esfuerzo: dos espectadores (principal y principal) lo ponen en control. ROWE también ha revolucionado por completo el cambio de rollo, ahora es completamente ergonómico, gracias al ASISTENTE DE ENTRADA DE MEDIOS ROWE patentado. Experimenta la fascinación de ROWE, el especialista en gran formato. Simplemente haga una cita con el distribuidor autorizado en su área.

  • Velocidad de impresión 8 metros (10,8 DIN A1) por minuto.
  • Rollos automáticos de papel ecoPrint i8: 4 rollos automáticos / ecoPrint i8L: 6 rollos automáticos.
  • Interfaz de usuario ROWE FULL HD.
  • Asistente de entrada de medios ROWE (patentado).
  • Bandeja de entrega delantera.
  • ROWE ecoToner y Energy Star.
Features Description
Product description First completely modular black and white large format printer, extendable at any time to multifunctional All-in-One-System (printing, copying, scanning)
Imaging technology Electrophotography (LED), organic photoconductor (OPC), clean, closed toner system, ROWE ecoPress fusing technology
Print speed Meters per minute
Color scanner (optional)
ROWE Scan 450isee technical data Large format scanner with a scan width of 36” (927 mm), optical resolution 2400 x 1200 dpi, ROWE ScanMatrix+, color depth 48 bit color, 16 bit grayscale, SuperSpeed USB 3.0 + RES, scanning speed up to 17 m/min, scan length not limited by scanner, ROWE SELECTED TRUE LIGHT, ROWE DYNAMIC STITCHING - RDS (patented), ROWE PRO LOGIC, ROWE SAFE Drive (patented), automated workflow (4 freely programmable Hot Keys on the operating panel of the scanner), automatic width recognition “On the fly” (patented), dynamic width recognition (patented), DOCUMENT IMPROVEMENT SYSTEM (DIS )
Media handling
Number of automatic media rolls 2 automatic rolls and single sheet feed
3rd automatic roll
3rd + 4th automatic roll
5th + 6th automatic roll
Media weight 60 - 110 g/m²
Roll width 279 - 914 mm, maximum 175 m per roll
Manual feed Width: 210 - 914 mm, length: 210 mm - 200 m
Media type Paper: plain paper, transparent paper, recycled paper, fluorescent paper, colored paper and vellum; Film: film, polyester
ROWE REMAINING LENGTH DISPLAY Automatically displays the remaining length of each roll
Standard Delivery Tray Delivery tray at the back for up to 100 DIN A4 - DIN A0 printouts
ROWE FRONT DELIVERY TRAY Integrated top delivery tray for up to 100 DIN A4 - DIN A0 printouts, requires no additional space, can also be used as a scan delivery tray simply by tilting it back (standard delivery tray not applicable)
ROWE ERGOTEC Innovative, ergonomic drawer system with easy runners, parallel balance, buffered stops, whisper quiet operation
ROWE MEDIA INPUT ASSISTANT (patented) Safest, most ergonomical and fastest media input system, without roll holders, simple to operate
ROWE FULL HD USER-INTERFACE Resolution: 1920 x 1080 pixels
23“ - 24“ multifunctional touchscreen
Support arm for touchscreen and other flatscreens, screen size 23” - 24” (max. 10 kg) with VESA MIS D 75/100 holder. Display optimization: vertical (- 90 to + 90 degrees) and horizontal (- 40 to + 40 degrees). The support arm can also be turned (- 75 to + 75 degrees).
SuperSpeed USB 3.0 - Port directly at the printer Printing directly from USB stick, scanning directly to USB stick
Print quality
ROWE HIGH-Q-PRINT / resolution Print resolution 1200 x 600 dpi, highly developed image processing, crystal clear lines, clear grayscale reproduction
ROWE SOLID PRINT TECHNOLOGY Even large continuous black areas are printed evenly – no decrease in the quality of the print even with high volumes
ROWE ecoPress Fusing quality with flat printed images that can hardly be felt, optimal toner adhesion even when documents are folded
Platform ROWE V-POWER CONTROLLER with integrated 64-bit operating system and virtual image processing system for 32-bit and 64-bit environments, web based with high performance simultaneous data conversion, concurrent scanning, copying and printing of individual documents or sets
Interfaces Ethernet 10/100/1000 MBit/s with RJ45
Scan and print boxes Local and remote boxes for direct storage of scans or for printing data files (listener function) with settings that can be configured individually, password protected (can be set)
Security E-data shredding, HTTPS and VPN
Extended protection and logging functions for administrators
Secure Printing PIN code protection, Follow-Me-Printing Interface
ROWE DATA SAFE+ Integrated system security with Live and Backup System
Supported client operating systems Certified ROWE Windows driver for Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows Server 2003, 2008, 2008 R2 and 2012 (all in 32-bit and 64-bit); ROWE PostScript 3 drivers for Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows Server 2003, 2008, 2008 R2 and 2012 (all in 32-bit and 64-bit); platform independent ROWE web tools optimized for Windows Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox
Data format HPGL, HPGL2, HPRTL, TIFF, G1, G2, G3, G4, Packed Bits, CALS 1 and 2, TAPE9, LZW, Multipage TIFF, Calcomp 906/907, HCBS, PNG, JPEG, CGM
PostScript Level 2 and 3, PDF, PDF-A, Multipage PDF/PDF-A
Network protocols TCP/IP, SMB, FTP, LPD, SNMP, WebDAV
ROWE COCKPIT APP Printer status with direct feedback, roll information (width, medium, remaining length), counter, system set up, switch off and new start in remote process
ROWE PRINT APP Order transmission: web based clients, cloud, USB, preview, ROWE AUTO CROP (recognizes and automatically corrects unwanted white margins)
Order management: personalized, intelligent job management with progress, queue management, preview and processing function
Additional PRINT QUEUES: for printing, list of printers supported and file printers can be seen in the ROWE APP CENTER
ROWE COST TRACKER APP Protocol of all print, scan and copy orders
ROWE TWAIN APP Twain + EditFunctions: direct scanning in all applications with Twain support, basic kit image processing, 2 viewers (over and main), ICC color management, ROWE Scan 450i 36” embedded required
ROWE SCAN APP Twain + Edit + ScanFunctions: ROWE TWAIN APP and in addition intuitive operation via touchscreen or mouse and keyboard, Scan-to-Net, Scan-to-USB, Scan-to-E-Mail, Scan-to-Cloud, Scan-to-Box, ROWE Scan 450i 36“ embedded required
ROWE COPY APP Twain + Edit + Scan + CopyFunctions: ROWE TWAIN APP, ROWE SCAN APP and in addition Scan-to-Copy, Multiprint, Multitasking, Recopy, Closed-Loop color calibration, a printer driver for both inkjet printer and ROWE printer, ROWE Scan 450i 36” embedded required
Additional COPY DRIVERS: for copying, list of printers supported can be seen in the ROWE APP CENTER
ROWE FOLD APP Set-up and editing of folding programs, Folding System ROWEFOLD 721-4 required
ROWE WEB CONNECT APP Platform independent web access, scanning in the cloud, printing from the cloud
ROWE EDIT PROFESSIONAL APP Functions: two point deskew, measurement of areas and distances directly in the scan, cleaning, insertion of text and geometrical shapes, various layers, transparent objects, generation of color palettes, extended cutting functions
ROWE POSTSCRIPT/PDF APP Direct printing of PostScript Level 2 and 3, PDF, PDF-A, MULTIPAGE PDF/PDF-A data files on ROWE ecoPrint
ROWE PRINT SPECIALS APP Editing of stamps, texts in margins, cover pages and pens
ROWE COST CENTER APP Comprehensive cost management with calculation, limitation and filter functions. Prepaid, user and cost accounts, including forced accounting (on or off function)
ROWE I-DEC APP Automatic detection of title block positions and rotation of data files for correct online folding in accordance with DIN
ROWE ecoToner Toner tested for harmful substances
Clean and closed toner system
Power consumption (watts) better than required by Energy Star Energy saving mode with programmable timer, incl. controller
Printing mode
Power supply 220/230 V, 50/60 Hz
Sound power level in db (in acc. with IS O 7779 operator position) Energy saving mode, incl. controller
Printing mode
Ozone concentration The following measurement results are clearly below the permitted values: <0.0005 mg/m³ (<0.00025 ppm) average
Printer recycling Manufactured in steel or high quality recyclable plastics: up to 98 % of the unit can be recycled. The remaining 2 % is non-toxic waste.
Toner cartridge recycling Cartridge made of completely recyclable plastic
Weight Weight large format printer in kg - 2 rolls
Weight large format printer in kg - 3 rolls
Weight large format printer in kg - 4 rolls
Weight large format printer in kg - 6 rolls
Dimensions Width/Height/Depth in mm with ROWE FRONT DELIVERY TRAY, without multifunctional touchscreen
Certifications RoHS, ENERGY STAR, CE, CCC, UL, cUL, CB, FCC Part 15 Class B, EAC

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